About Us

Drug monographs done smarter!

Formulary Academy is a web application which automates much of the drug monograph creation process, saving countless hours for those who are tasked with performing drug or class reviews critical to evaluating current and new therapeutic options. A recent Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (JMCP) article*, published in August of 2017, surveyed practicing clinical pharmacists in regard to current practices and challenges associated creating drug monographs for P&T reviews. The authors asked which potential resources would be the most beneficial to monograph authors. Not surprisingly, more time, consolidated resources for preparation, and a standard format were among the highest ranked solutions. FormularyAcademy.com effectively addresses these critical needs identified by the monograph authors surveyed in the article.

With a few clicks, Formulary Academy automatically populates monographs with current and accurate content from reputable sources such as the NIH, PubMed and the FDA, allowing clinical pharmacists to focus on the critical evaluation of drugs rather than monotonous data entry. No more searching numerous, disparate sites to get the necessary information for your evaluation. Work at the top of your license and leave the busy work to us.

FormularyAcademy.com.....creating monographs will never be the same.